EPF Manager

EPF Manager 1.1

Creates and manages Employees' Provident Fund databases
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The management assistant structures finance and personal data to create a Employees' Provident Fund database. It supports multiple funds simultaneously for different enterprises. The built-in editor works with forms and prints PDF documents according to set specifications from templates like Form 3A Register, Form No. 12A, Form 6A, Form 3A, Form 5, Form 10, etc.

EPF Manager V1.1 is an EPF Management Software, used for managing Employees' Provident Fund for multiple establishments. Manily used by the unexempted establishments, complies with the Indian government EPF & MP Act 1952.

Advantage of EPF Manager V1.1 software is minimum data entry and easy to generate Printable & PDF Reports. Reports like:
Form 3A Register
Form No. 12A
Form 6A
Form 3A
Form 5
Form 10

are one click away after monthly wages entry.

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